Creating an online presence of Indian village products is the mission of Graameen. It is an online shopping spot where the crafts of artisans across the length and breadth of India join together. Rich tradition of Indian hand-looms and handcrafts are world known even centuries ago. But the Indian villages are way behind in integrating with the globalised world and hence our rural community couldn't explore the potential of their skill set. Graameen is a bold attempt to help them in this regard. Its a product of Eram Infotech which is an entity under ERAM GROUP.

Eram Group, a leading business conglomerate with well entrenched business presence across the continents, was founded in mid 1980’s. Ever since, over the past decade, ERAM has achieved a niche position of market leadership in multi-faceted business lines. The Group has a highly specialized infrastructure and enviable talent house conducting viable business activities in the vibrant global market. The Group is well capitalized and is a privately held business enterprise led by a strong management team. Operating across GCC, Europe and India for more than a decade, ERAM has expanded as one among the largest business conglomerates in the region.

Today ERAM is the controlling entity of a number of leading businesses in Industrial Contracting, Project Management Solutions, Automotive, Healthcare, Travel, IT, Manufacturing, Trading & Product Representation and other service sectors.

Globally known business personality Dr.Siddeek Ahmed is the Chairman of the group.