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Bamboo Steamed rice cake maker/Puttukutti

Bamboo Steamed rice cake maker/Puttukutti is a traditional Kerala cooking utensil. Many would have sweet memories twirling around this product. Carved from top quality bamboo wood. An eco- friendly utensil. Hot and delicious steamed puttu complemented with a variety of side dishes is an emotion to many. Toxic free and safe to use. Purely handmade bamboo arts and crafts.

This item is made upon receiving an order.The crafted artisans carefully and intricately makes this beautiful item.The remake of this item can vary from 5-14 days depending upon the type of work needed.Once the product is ready,it will take 5-7 working days to deliver to destination.

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Inducing in you a passion for eco-friendly products, these Bamboo Crafts will serve your daily requirements keeping nature intact. Each of these works is intricate and painstakingly designed. Extravagant crafts seemingly presenting the passionate works of artisans. Isn't it a wonder that Bamboo being a grass plant is too versatile! One of the fastest-growing plants, Bamboo is strong and durable. It stands out as a wonder to nature with its special quality to absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide while emitting higher levels of oxygen making it a sustainable, eco-friendly plant. Henceforth, the products made from bamboo are the best suitable eco-friendly ones.
Bamboo arts and crafts products are strong, durable, and flexible.

More Information
Product Weight 200 gm
Material Bamboo
Height 9”
Lead Time For Delivery 7-14 working days
Color Natural
Width 3”
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