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Handmade Grass Bindi Box
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Handmade Grass Bindi Box sourced directly from the artisans. This exquisitely designed Bindi Box is made with golden grass. It is intricately weaved and is dyed with natural colours. Very carefully crafted with emphasis given to even the smallest points of design. An essentially perfect piece for your dressing table. Handcrafted with love and passion. Handmade golden grass crafts from Odisha.

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The raw material, Golden Grass locally known as Kaincha, a wild grass that grows in marshy areas after the first monsoon. Usually, women set out in groups, very often having to wade through water to collect sufficient golden grass. Once collected the grass is split into two even strands and is left out to dry. Women use their teeth to split each stem along its length. Once split, the golden grass is ready to be dried in the sun. Each lot of collected raw material has to be dried for four or five days. As the grass dries up, its colour changes from pale green to a mild yellow. Gradually, this takes on a tinge of golden yellow. Some intricate designs use natural dyes to contrast with the rich golden colour. Women groups make golden grass items like mats and bowls. The beauty of these products are now being widely recognized.

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Product Weight 100 gm
Material Golden Grass
Lead Time For Delivery 5-7 working days
Size 1.5''

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