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Kashmir Saffron,Assam Green tea & Black tea-Combo Pack
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Package content

Green Tea, 100gm = 01 packet

Black Tea, 100gm = 01 packet

Saffron, 01 (One) gm = 02 nos

Impressive pure and fresh Kashmiri Saffron with antioxidant properties. A GI tagged product known for its distinct flavor. Saffron is used to enrich and garnish both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes in the subcontinent. Assam Green Tea is worldwide famous full-bodied tea with robust, fresh, vibrant and grassy flavor produced in the state of Assam in India. A blend of freshness and energy with a sip of Assam Green Tea. Pure taste and strong aroma. Helps in weight loss and to cleanse your body from toxins. Boost your energy levels for the day. Natural, Fresh and Delicious Handmade Assam Orthodox Black Tea. Handmade/Hand Rolled. Does not contain any artificial flavors, harmful chemicals and preservatives. Perfectly withered, rolled and oxidized. Energize and refresh with authentic Assam Orthodox Black Tea from Graameen.

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The beauty of gifting someone should impinge a self- fulfilling moment too. This gift package will bring a smile on their face and shall make them feel special. Strengthen the bond of your relationships and set unique milestones in their life with these natural, farm fresh Gift packs. Each gift pack has a secret key to happiness.In the fast pace with which we are living, consider using these natural, chemical free and healthy products. Naturally harvested from Kashmir and Assam. Pure and unadulterated.

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Product Weight 202 gm
Lead Time For Delivery 5-7 working days
Package Content Contains-Green Tea(100 gm)-1 pack , Black Tea(100 gm)-1 pack, Saffron (1 gm)-2 No

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