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Pure Kashmir Saffron
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Saffron, 01 (One) gram = 03 nos.

Impressive pure and fresh Kashmiri Saffron with antioxidant properties. A GI tagged product known for its distinct flavor. Saffron is used to enrich and garnish both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes in the subcontinent. Kashmiri saffron is the sweetest, most precious spice in the world. Interestingly, in the Indian subcontinent, saffron has many names: zafran in Urdu (from Persian), kesar in Hindi, Kong Posh in Kashmiri, and kungumapoo in Tamil. It was popularized by the Mughals who took saffron wherever they established court and introduced it into their cuisine. Under the Mughals, saffron, as a color and scent, became commonplace in the royal kitchens. Different packaging styles are used to make this gift more attractive. Assamese Theme: Gamocha packing, Jhapi (in wood) packing, Cane basket (tokri) with Gamocha packing. Gamocha is a part of Assamese culture and is considered to be a symbol of love and regards, making it a good choice for gifting- a gift looking excellent with therapeutic value.

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The beauty of gifting someone should impinge a self- fulfilling moment too. This gift package will bring a smile on their face and shall make them feel special. Strengthen the bond of your relationships and set unique milestones in their life with these natural, farm fresh Gift packs. Each gift pack has a secret key to happiness.In the fast pace with which we are living, consider using these natural, chemical free and healthy products. Naturally harvested from Kashmir. Pure and unadulterated.

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Product Weight 03 gm
Lead Time For Delivery 5-7 working days
Package Content Contains-Saffron (1 gm) = 03 nos.

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